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Below are examples of how you can save when buying insurance through us.  The same concepts work on other kinds of insurance policies, such as disability, and long-term care.

Estate Planning

You are a married couple and buy a $3,000,000 face-value 2nd-to-die life insurance policy to cover anticipated estate tax costs.  Your first-year premium is $20,000.  We receive $10,000 as a first-year commission.  We rebate $6,500 to you.

Income Protection

You are the family's income earner and purchase a $1,000,000 face-value term life insurance policy to provide for your family in case of your premature death.  The first year premium is $1,000.  We receive $400 as a first-year commission. We rebate $260 to you.

Health Coverage

You are a small business owner and provide health insurance for your family and employees. Your premium is $2,000 per month. We receive $200 per month as a first-year commission.  We rebate $130 per month for 12 months to you.


You have invested in a fixed annuity product which is no longer suitable for your investment needs.  You decide to transfer the $500,000 cash value to an equity-indexed annuity using a tax-deferred exchange. We receive $35,000 as a first-year commission. We rebate $22,750 to you.

Things to remember:
1. The rebating of an insurance commission will likely result in taxable income to you, and you will receive a 1099.   You should consult your tax advisor for more information.
2. The payment of rebated commissions to you will be based on our vesting date which could be later than the date we receive the commissions. 

* We are licensed to sell insurance and annuities in the state of California (license # 0600648). Residents of other states should not construe this information as an offer to sell insurance products outside of California.  We sell, and offer rebates, only on insurance policies written in California.
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